Since Apple AirPlay uses Wi-Fi also, you cannot use Apple TV or other streaming devices to project your iPad to the TV.

However, you can certainly connect your iPad via a cable.  Any connector cable for your iPad that connects to the HDMI port of your TV should work.  We have extensively used the Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter, which is available widely, including on Amazon

There is another way, as well.  You could connect your iPad to an Apple Macbook, and then connect thatr Macbook to your TV (whether by cable or via AirPlay). Then, open Quicktime on your Macbook and do the following:

  • In QuickTime, go to the File menu and select:
    • File --> New Movie Recording
    • Set the Camera to "iPad"
    • Set the Microphone to "iPad"
    • Adjust the volume as needed.

This approach is a bit cumbersome but it would work.  You may find helpful these instructions from Apple on how to stream to a TV from your Macbook.