In tennis, how you hit the ball matters.

It's hard to hit with consistency, placement, or pace unless you master certain essentials of what's called "stroke production."  Traditionally, the only way to develop good stroke mechanics was on court with a teaching pro over a lot--sometimes quite a lot--of hours of private instruction.  We're huge fans of personalized tennis instruction, but for many reasons not everybody has access to it. For those players, PIVOT Tennis is an amazing, convenient way to develop sound stroke fundamentals.   You'll still need to go out on the court and hit real balls, but after using PIVOT Tennis faithfully you'll have a much better idea of how to hit the ball.   

Consistency, placement, and pace.  Those words sound technical, and they are. But the truth is, they're also the key to having fun at tennis.  If it's fun, you'll play more often, and for a longer time, and enjoy more health and social benefits from the sport we all love.