While it's true that the cost of PIVOT Tennis compares very favorably to the cost of private, one-on-one instruction from a teaching pro, we don't think of it as a replacement at all.

No app can substitute for a great teaching pro, with their years of experience and human judgment, and their ability to tune your position in person, sometimes by taking a hand and re-arranging your arm or shoulder right on the spot!

But not everybody has the time or money to get individualized instruction. In the past, those potential players faced a lot of frustration in trying to learn the game.  Where PIVOT Tennis comes in is as a way to base your game around a truly world-class example (a top touring pro, whose strokes and mechanics are honed by years of hitting balls with lots of pace) without even having to leave your living room.  And you get instant feedback about where you're getting it right, and where you need a little more work, whenever and wherever you can swing a racquet.