There have been many tennis training products before PIVOT.  It's fair to ask why we're better.

We think PIVOT's main advantages, particular vs. other sensor-type products, are:

  • Accuracy.  Many of the tennis tracker products to date have taken a single-sensor approach.  There is simply too much going on in the human body during a tennis swing to be tracked accurately with one sensor.  Yet simply adding more sensors isn't enough: they must work together, and whatever errors they send out must be intelligently eliminated in real-time.  To do that requires, among other things, a truly accurate biomechanical "model" of just how human bodies are supposed to move.  At PIVOT, we've built our own mechanical model because those that came before simply weren't accurate enough. 

  • Easier to Learn.  It's very hard to learn how to hit a tennis stroke, and harder still to do it simply by watching. Our breakthrough is to take the racquet in your hand and represent it digitally on the same screen where the pro is swinging.  It's a radically easier way to learn a stroke. See some examples here

  • Focus on the Fundamentals. Many tennis tracking products out there today and in the past have focused on measuring...well, what's easy to measure.  Statistics like racquet head speed or ball velocity don't really tell you how to hit a tennis ball. They only tell you in what way you did hit it.  But, as any teaching pro will tell you, if you get the body and stroke mechanics right, most of the "stats" will fall into place.  And body and stroke mechanics are exactly what PIVOT helps you focus on.

  • Built for Speed.  Many motion capture systems, for technical reasons, start to perform poorly as the speed of a tennis swing increases. We've taken great pains to optimize our system, from app to firmware to hardware, for speed.  We're not done yet, but already we're quite confident that our system, as portable and relatively inexpensive as it is, is quite accurate even at speed.

  • Flexible.  Many tennis training products have a single particular idea about how you should hit the ball. Not so PIVOT.  We believe there are many, many different ways to hit a tennis ball, and that's why we provide multiple pros for you to choose from (and more are coming). 

  • Learn at Your Pace.  It's true that you can use PIVOT Tennis whenever you like--in the morning before work, or in the wee hours when the house is quiet. But we mean something technical here, too.  For example, in Learn mode, you'll be attempting to emulate the stroke of a pro.  In the past, that's meant watching an example, whether in person during a lesson or online watching a video. If you got behind, or did it wrong, you had to wait until the stroke repeated. But with PIVOT, the system waits for you.  Move your racquet, and the pro's stroke moves with you. Stop your racquet, and the pro's stroke stops.  This experience is incredibly powerful but can be a little hard to explain. We've posted some videos illustrating it on our How It Works page.