Body Calibration

If you're having trouble with body calibration, be sure to note which sensors are improperly aligned. Their numbers will be displayed in red. But in general, check the following:

  1. Make sure all sensors are on and glowing solid green before you click the button to try calibration again.
  2. Make sure your racquet is level, with the sensor facing up, and you and the racquet head should be facing in the direction of the screen you're watching.  
  3. Make sure you're standing with your arm straight and close to or touching your hips.  Sometimes curling your fists at your side may help.

If that doesn't work, check that you have inserted the sensors properly.  (See diagram below).

  1. Make sure all sensors are inserted into the pockets, arrow-first and number out.
  2. Make sure your armband is properly aligned with your glove. 
  3. Make sure the loop on your glove goes over your ring and middle fingers. 
  4. Make sure your chest harness is not on backwards. The PIVOT logo faces front.

How To Wear the Harness, Armband, and Glove