Sensor 6 is attached to the racquet via the clip provided.

In general, for any setup question, the best thing to do is open the app, create an account if you haven't already, choose your pro and stroke, and the app should walk you through it.  

If you're still having trouble, try these steps:

  1. Locate the clip inside the packing box that the PIVOT Tennis Kit came in. Note that it has a tab at the bottom.
  2. Slide sensor 6 onto the clip.  The arrow of sensor 6 should face out, toward you, and point down at the tab on the clip, as you slide it into place. It will click, audibly, when correctly positioned.
  3. Then take the clip and work the back of it onto your racquet strings, just below the first cross string. It's easiest if you turn it sideways to hook it on, then rotate to lock it into place.

Clip (at left) and Sensor 6

Correct Clip Position